Breast Health Therapy

Specialised treatment to reduce discomfort and improve mobility after Breast Cancer Surgery
Breast Cancer surgery will have a huge impact on your body, whether you’ve had surgery on your breast, your armpit (axilla) or both. That’s why we offer specialised physiotherapy treatment here in Mold, North Wales carried out with the utmost care to reduce your pain and improve your mobility.

Is Breast Health Therapy right for me?

It’s hard to imagine wanting more treatment after you’ve had breast cancer surgery, but Breast Health Physiotherapy is a much gentler approach and is designed to make you feel and move like your old self again.

Breast Health Therapy at our Clinic in Mold will help you if you’ve had :

How will Breast Health Therapy help?

Breast Health Therapy is about taking the greatest care of your health and well-being and giving your body the best chance to heal and feel normal again.
Here’s how Breast Health Therapy with our friendly team can help you after surgery:

What can I expect with Breast Health Therapy?

Everyone is different and we know your pain levels will be up and down after surgery. It’s best to start your rehabilitation as soon after your surgery as possible to improve how your body feels and moves and avoid falling into abnormal ways of moving, such as not using your arm in certain ways.
Here are some of the treatments we’ll do as part of your Breast Health Therapy:
We’ll take it all at your pace to make sure you’re comfortable with everything happening.

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We’re happy to answer any questions from what to wear to your appointment, to the type of treatment you can expect.

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