When you feel better, life’s more fun!

That’s why we love what we do

Behind Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy are Rob, Vicki and a fantastic team who can’t wait to meet you.

We go over and above to make you feel comfortable and reach your goals, whether that’s touching your toes or running a marathon.

Watch out! You’ll be transformed from a patient to a GSP family member before you know it.



"We were like one big happy family and that was a tonic in itself"

Rob and Vicki’s story

Rob and Vicki are the Principal Physiotherapists and owners of Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy. In case you hadn’t figured it out – Rob and Vicki are married! Not only that but they have two wonderful children who keep them active and energised. The family live on the Wirral, but have been part of the practice for over 15 years and have strong family ties to Mold and Flintshire. Rob and Vicki both love the town and the community, and Vicki is often caught saying, ‘I just love my patients!’ multiple times a day.

Outside of work, Rob and Vicki love their family holidays – especially active holidays with a cheeky dash of adventure. They’re currently learning how to surf AND look cool. Not an easy task.

Rob and Vicki are both highly experienced physiotherapists who know how to give that little bit extra to their patients to make them feel cared for. One lovely patient said, ‘I always feel better when you’ve cheered me up’, which sums up exactly how you’ll feel when you come to visit.

The Little Things We Do at Grosvenor Street Physio

The first thing we’ll do is listen. We understand that by the time you’ve come to our door, you might have been struggling for a while. We know how debilitating it can feel and sometimes you think you’ll never get better.

Trust us, you will.

If your prescription drugs aren’t helping, you can’t get hold of your GP or are waiting for a specialist appointment, give us a call. You’ll be surprised how many patients have given up hope of ever feeling better until they come to see us.

We believe there’s always an answer and will leave no stone unturned to help you.

We understand the little extras make all the difference to your visit. We have easy parking (head to our What to Expect page to read more) and a flexible service that works around you and your busy life.

If you’re not able to leave your home, we may still be able to help you. Give us a call and ask to speak to one of our friendly Physio team. In some cases, we may be able to come out to visit you.

All our treatment is carried out in comfortable, relaxed surroundings and is completely confidential. If there’s anything you need to make your visit more comfortable, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Good news! You don’t need to be referred by your GP or have private health insurance to make an appointment. Just contact our friendly team to make an appointment or ask any questions.

If you’re not sure what service you need, one of the team will give you a call back to discuss your needs.

Alternatively fill in our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

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