Children’s Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for children, from premature babies to teenagers

Your child’s body is constantly growing and changing in a way that’s very different to adults. That’s why we offer physiotherapy specifically designed for children.
Your child’s body should never be in pain or discomfort while it’s busy growing and developing. If your child is experiencing pain, we want to intervene early enough to diagnose the problem and stop in its tracks before it restricts your child from doing all the fun things they should be doing.

Children’s physiotherapy - kept fun and friendly

If your child is complaining of pain or soreness in their body or joints, it’s time to bring them in to our Clinic in Mold for a check. Most parents or care-givers go straight to the GP when their child complains of pain without realising the level of treatment a physiotherapist can offer.

First, we’ll do a thorough assessment to see what’s going on with your child’s body. We’ll keep this fun and friendly, so your child feels comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit. You’ll be in the room with them the entire time.

We’ll recommend tailored treatment to help your child improve their mobility or level of pain, or recommend another service if we think they need a referral. Before they know it, they’ll be having fun again!

We work closely with parents and care-givers to make sure you’re included in the treatment from start to finish. Think of it as a team effort.

Our paediatric physiotherapy services

At Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy in Mold, we provide specific treatment for all children, from pre-term (premature) babies up to teenagers of 16 years old.

Here are some of the conditions we treat and work with:

With you every step of the way

We’re lucky. Here at Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy in North Wales we have lots of great services under one roof, so if you need to see another practitioner you won’t have far to go. If we believe your child needs to be referred to a GP, specialist or another healthcare provider, we’ll work with you to get the care you need.

If you’re not sure what service you need, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask for one of the physios to give you a call back. We’ll have a quick chat and point you in the right direction.

To book a physiotherapy appointment for your child, book online or call our friendly team on 01352 753 400 to make an appointment.

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